Extending the Bay Trail around Alameda Point has long been one of Bike Walk Alameda’s long-term visions. When the Alameda Naval Air Station closed in 1997, proponents of the Bay Trail project recognized the opportunity to complete a major section of the San Francisco Bay perimeter trail. But with great opportunities came great challenges. 

A little over a year ago, Bike Alameda and Pedestrian Friendly Alameda joined forces to become Bike Walk Alameda (BWA). The transition was amazingly smooth, primarily because the mission statements from each organization combined so easily. The new mission of Bike Walk Alameda is:

“To make our city a safe and enjoyable place to walk and bike.”

Bike to Work Day (BTWD) has been a tradition in Alameda for more than 15 years. In the early years, the City of Alameda organized BTWD and put the lone Energizer Station at the corner of Central Avenue and Oak Street in front of the science wing of Alameda High School. Later, it was moved in front of City Hall. Today, thanks to the efforts of Bike Walk Alameda, the City of Alameda, and the hundreds of volunteers who have worked over the years, Bike To Work Day is a major event in the city.

When people ask Alameda native Sarafina Angstadt-Leto, “What can playing Ultimate Frisbee do for you?” the 19 year old has a new answer.

Angstadt-Leto was selected as a member of the World Flying Disc Federation’s World Junior Ultimate Championships team this year. Angstadt-Leto and her team will trek to Lecco, Italy for the championships, which will take place July 20 through 26. She was selected as one of 45 team members from 180 invited applicants.

City’s longest- running, most famous golf tourney slated