Some Good Old-Fashioned Base Ball

Dennis Evanosky

Some Good Old-Fashioned Base Ball

The Oakland Colonels took the field last Sunday in Washington Park. The Colonels are part of Bay Area Vintage Base Ball, a 15-year-old organization that uses the Spalding 1886 rulebook and strives for historical accuracy.

Notice the umpire dressed to the nines standing behind the pitcher instead of standing behind home plate in protective gear as umpires do today. Also notice the lack of a pitcher’s mound, which wasn’t introduced into the game until 1893. The 1886 rulebook allowed for a “pitcher’s box” instead.

Bay Area Vintage Base Ball consists of 12-member clubs that play 12-15 games a season in a fun, relaxed atmosphere where true grit is displayed and sportsmanship is the Holy Grail.

Each team is outfitted in reproduction uniforms from the 1880s, and the equipment consists of reproduction balls, gloves and bases made to look, feel and perform as they did when the game was still home-grown.

Come out and enjoy the Colonel’s next game. The first pitch is at noon on Sunday, July 25 in Washington Park. The Colonels will face the San Francisco Eagles.