Softball Sees Cherries, Green Monsters Compete

Six & Under
Santa Clara Systems Little Red Cherries vs. Wellguard Insurance Green Monsters: The Little Red Cherries played the Green Monsters at Krusi Field. In the top of the first inning the Cherries’ Eri Kakuno hit a solid line drive down the third base line and ran to first base. In the bottom of the first inning the Cherries’ first baseman Sadie Mozenter fielded a strong hit and hustled to tag first. In the top of the second inning, the Cherries’ Leah Benson smashed the coach’s pitch and ran to first base. In the bottom of the second, Alexandria Lamprecht fielded a pop-fly ball and threw it to Paloma Camacho at first base. Harbor Bay Realty’s Thunder-bolts vs. Tucker’s Sparkling Blue Dolphins: For the Thunderbolts, Aurora Stonehouse guarded first base expertly, while Cadence Trammel’s turn as catcher showed consistency and tenacity. Jordan Vaughan continually met the ball in motion, grabbed a fast-flying grounder and completed the game by power hitting to right field, bringing the base runner home. Ella Rumrill defended the pitcher’s mound with blue-chip stops and passes, had a steady turn at bat, and was later seen sliding into home.

8 & Under
Ross, Sinclaire & Associates Green Goblins, 4 vs. Event Magic Monarchs, 0: In girls’ softball action at sunny Krusi Field, the lively bats of the Ross, Sinclaire & Associates Green Goblins faced the stingy defense of the Event Magic Monarchs. Goblin’s pitcher Ella Chae set the tone by throwing strikes and keeping the Monarchs off the bases. The Monarchs returned the favor with expert pitching and fielding. The Goblins got on board in the third when Manaia Taula-Lieras drove home Lucy Allison and Clara Milsten. The Goblins sealed the victory with more great pitching and fielding from Teagan Shannon, Lindsey Duncan and Alex Gunning.

10 & Under
Dr. Johnson Royals 8vs Next level Speed Demons 5: Dr. Johnson Royals defeated Next Level Speed Demons by a score of 8-5. The Royals stellar defensive plays were to be celebrated. Charlotte Daly played well at third and contributed a put out. Kelly Carlson showed off her talent at first base by fielding a ball and throwing it to the second baseman who was covering the bag. Virginia Morgan caught a fly ball in the outfield for the third out in the third inning. Kayla Chang and Haylen Manibusan both combined to get two hits each.  Cambria Restagno hit a single which turned into a home run due to her speed on the bases.