Social Security Scam Reported

Over the past few months, both the Alameda Police Department (APD) and Social Security Administration (SSA) have received numerous complaints of fraudulent claims. Callers from official phone numbers have stated that social security accounts have been compromised and the call recipients will be detained if payments are not made. 

While official numbers from APD and SSA have appeared on caller ID screens, in fact, they are deceitful phone calls being placed by scam artists. APD requests that if Alamedans receive a phone call and are unsure of its validity, hang up and call APD or SSA to confirm the phone call. 

As a reminder, never give out any personal information, especially when unsure of the reliability of a call. Never wire transfer money to anyone and consider gift-card payments as suspicious activity. Any credible organization will never ask for a gift card as a form of payment. 

APD, SSA and other government agencies will never threaten a resident with detainment, request personal information or demand money or payment over the phone. 

“It is our privilege to serve the community and we encourage you to report any and all suspicious activity in the community,” stated APD in a press release.

Contact APD’s Crime Prevention Unit at 337-8305 with any questions or concerns.