SJND Women Win Cross Country Section Title

Tony Fong The St. Joseph Notre Dame women’s cross country team won the 2015 NCS Div. V cross country championship last Saturday, Nov. 21 at Hayward High.

The St. Joseph Notre Dame (SJND) women’s cross country team won the 2015 Div. V North Coast Section (NCS) women’s cross country meet last Saturday, Nov. 21.
The Pilots won the competition with a score of 70 — each of the top five runners of a squad is given a point for the place that they finish in — and finished with a top-five individual average time of just over 19 minutes, almost a full minute faster than second-place team Lick Wilmerding of San Francisco. Lick finished with a score of 114 — the lowest score wins — and an average individual time of more than 20 minutes.
The SJND trio of junior Kiera Marshall, freshman Emily Perez and sophomore Beatrice Levy all finished in the top six in the three-mile meet at Hayward High School. Marshall finished second overall (out of 140 runners) with a time of 17:34.2, seventh overall out of all five division meets. Perez held the fifth place spot with a time of 18:36.2, while Levy finished sixth with a time of 18:38.3. 
Last year the Pilots finished in seventh place with a score of 174. Marshall finished fourth last year with a time of 19:23, her time improved by 1:11. Levy also finished sixth last year, but she improved her time by 1:07 (19:35). This is the first time the team has won the NCS crown this decade.
The SJND men’s team finished second in the Div. V men’s cross country meet with a score of 109. SJND junior Cooper Teare finished first overall (out of 180 participants) with a time of 14:46.4. In fact, Teare had the fastest time of any participant in all five division meets. He finished 12 seconds faster than Kennedy of Fremont’s David Frisbie (14:58) who competed in the Div. III meet. The time also ranks second all-time for Div. V championship races on the course. 
The Pilots lost out on a chance for five straight NCS Div. V meets to Marin Academy of San Rafael. The Wildcats scored an 84. SJND junior Willie Mein finished in 12th place with a time of 16:16.3, while senior Daniel Ratto finished in 21st place with a time of 16:26. Last year Teare finished second in the Div. V meet with a time of 15:55. He improved his time by 1:09. Mein improved his time from last year by 55 seconds (17:11). 
Both teams qualified for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Div. V meets, which will take place at Woodward Park in Fresno on Saturday, Nov. 28.
Both the Alameda men’s and women’s teams finished eighth in their respective Div. II races. The women’s team finished with a score of 227. The Hornets’ individual average time was more than 20:30. Alameda’s fastest runner was freshman Maya Carpenter (19:34) who came in 21st place. 
The men’s team finished with a score of 259. Their top five runners averaged just over 17:10. The men’s team’s fastest runner was Julian Aguilar (17:09), coming in 43rd place.
The Encinal women’s team finished 14th, while the men’s team finished 17th in their respective Div. III meets. 
No one from Alameda or Encinal qualified for the CIF meet.