SJND Students Vote in Mock Election

SJND Students Vote in Mock Election

In the days leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, SJND students were reading up on state-level candidates and propositions and getting ready to vote — in a mock election.

More than 420 SJND students — and some prospective students who were on campus shadowing —turned out to vote in SJND’s Youth Vote 2018, a voting simulation activity to engage students in civic participation and democracy in action. The election is organized by SJND’s English, social studies and science departments. In the weeks prior, students received instruction on candidates and state propositions in their science, social studies and English classrooms. 

“Our hope is that students will not see voting as inconvenient — as unnecessary — but as a right that they should exercise with appreciation,” said English teacher Cathy Fitzgerald. “A right that has been fought for by so many that came before them. A right that they should honor with their participation and their voices.” 

AP Environmental Science (APES) and social studies students circulated voting information at lunch, sample ballots were distributed and official voting took place in the library on Nov. 1 and 2. All SJND students had the opportunity to vote.

“I like [Youth Vote] because it shows what our state of mind is right now and how we imagine the world to be,” said Derik Hyndman ’22.

Given that the student population draws from multiple counties and municipalities, the truncated ballot included three elective offices and the three propositions that the APES students felt had a direct connection to the environmental issues that they address in their curriculum. 

Social studies and ninth-grade English teachers went over the voting guide with their students, answered questions and gave them a sample ballot to fill out thoughtfully to bring to the voting site in the library for the official vote casting.

Many students spoke about the activity with enthusiasm.

“It helps us youth know what to do in the future, and that you have to really think about it. [Voting] is not just something you can walk in to,” said Eden Fong ’22.

The classes will regroup to discuss the results and what they learned from the process this week. 
SJND Youth Vote 2018 Results

  • Governor’s race — Newsom: 291 (69 percent) Cox: 123 (29 percent)
  • Lt. Governor’s race — Kounolakis: 224 (53 percent) Hernandez: 183 (43 percent)
  • U.S. Senate race — DeLeon: 177 (42 percent) Feinstein: 233 (55 percent)
  • Proposition No. 3 (Water-projects bond) — Yes: 336 (80 percent) No: 88 (21 percent)
  • Proposition No. 6 (Repeal of 2017 transportation taxes and fees) — Yes: 130 (31 percent) No: 287 (69 percent)
  • Proposition No. 12 (Farm animal confinement standards) — Yes: 309 (73 percent) No: 105 (25 percent)


Editor’s note: Winners appear in bold. These are the SJND Youth Vote 2018 Results and not official election results.