Shipways Latest Project on Tap

City of Alameda  Nearly 300 apartments feature prominently in another north shore project planned for Marina Village.

Shipways Latest Project on Tap


The Alameda Planning Board held a public hearing on the proposed Alameda Shipways Residential Project along the Oakland Estuary at its April 24 meeting.

The project will be located between 1100 and 1250 Marina Village Parkway. The structure would be four stories at 55 feet high and 450 feet long. It would occupy 8.1 acres of land.

The project would include 292 new apartments — 40 of which will offer affordable housing — and a large parking structure that would hold 489 parking spaces (there will be eight more outdoor parking spaces). It would also include a park, a dock for a kayak launch and water taxi service and a courtyard with a swimming pool.

Assistant Community Development Director Andrew Thomas began by informing the audience that the Planning Board would not to take any action at the meeting. The purpose for the hearing was to allow residents to comment on the scope of the project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Thomas believes traffic will be the most talked about subject in the draft EIR.

“Traffic is the single biggest issue this community wants to know about,” said Thomas. 

Thomas said the draft EIR will study four issues involving traffic. There will be a vehicles miles traveled analysis to learn about emissions levels due to an assumed increase in traffic. A level of service analysis to look at how many cycles it takes on average to get through an intersection. A travel time analysis (Thomas said staff will particularly look at travel time on Park and Webster streets). Finally, staff will study the relationship between traffic and safety and whether emergency vehicle service would be impacted by traffic. 

Public speakers were enthusiastic about the potential of new housing.

“Young people are desperate for housing,” said Angela Hockabout. “We need to get more low-income housing.”

However, some were wary of the potential of moving out jobs for the ability to create more housing.

“Taking away commercial enterprises, taking away jobs to build more houses,” said Nancy Hird. “Eventually we’re going to be a bedroom community for Oakland.”

The site is a former shipbuilding facility. Currently, it holds office and warehouse space. and Microsystems has offices on the site. However, several structures have extensive cracking and spalling to the deck, exterior walls, and exterior support columns, according to reports. 

Once the draft EIR is complete, the board will hold another hearing. After the final EIR is complete the board will hold another public hearing. Thomas said staff and San Clemente-development agency the Cavallari Group Inc., will simultaneously revise minor design plans. Thomas hopes to hold a public workshop in June to hear about the design revisions.  
The Cavallari Group Inc. submitted an application to the City for the Development Plan on March 15.