Shelter’s Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Senior Pets

Shelter’s Top 10 Reasons to Adopt Senior Pets


Senior pets are special. After all, a gray muzzle is something to celebrate! Sadly, far too many of our shelter animals are seniors who have lost their homes through no fault of their own. These pets deserve a forever home that will see them through their golden years. The next time you are looking to adopt a new four-legged family member, please consider the following: 

1. Seniors are well-mannered. You rarely have to teach a senior how to use a litter box or dog door. They have excellent pet etiquette.

2. Seniors have just the right amount of energy. Puppies are darling but can be demanding. A senior might be a better match for your energy. They love their walks but are happy to come home and take a nap, preferably with you.

3. Seniors get along. Seniors tend to blend in with your household, including pets you might already have. 

4. Seniors are good karma. Adopting an older homeless animal guarantees major karmic points. You are doing a good deed.

5. Seniors are mysterious. The past life of a shelter animal is often a mystery. Seniors have had many life experiences you will never know about, offering endless opportunities for speculation. 

6. Seniors don’t chew your belongings. Their experimenting years are mostly behind them. This means fewer intestinal disturbances and vet visits.  

7. Seniors are smart. Older pets love learning new tricks. Training stimulates their minds and helps strengthen the pet-human bond.

8. Seniors are less drama. Perhaps it’s the wisdom of their years, but dogs bark less and cats don’t wander as much.

9. Seniors have years of love left to give. Most shelters designate animals senior at the age of 7. In fact, 7 is barely middle age for cats and small dogs. 

10. Adopting a senior makes you a superhero. You might not wear a cape, but to your senior pet you are extra special. He was scared and confused before you came along and saved him. In his — and our — eyes, you’re a rock star. 

Last month, FAAS introduced a new senior adoption program. Adoption fees are now half off for all animals 7 years or older — $50 for dogs and $40 for cats. Those 62 or older, qualify for the Seniors for Seniors discount: the adoption fee is entirely waived.  

Currently there are more than a dozen senior cats and dogs, including eight-year-old Biggie, patiently waiting for a loving home. 

Stop by the shelter today to see if one of these wonderful pets is a good fit for your family and home.

Tip-A-Cop for Brunch
Please join us this Sunday, March 13, for our annual Tip-A-Cop fundraiser! This year’s event will be a hearty all-you-can-eat brunch at the Elk’s Lodge. Dine on eggs, waffles, bacon and sausage — and go back for more. For those who like to kick start their Sundays with a mimosa or Bloody Mary, there will be a no-host bar, too. 

Alameda’s finest will be there in uniform to meet and greet you and bus your table. Tip generously! All the tips collected will go to care for our shelter animals.

The brunch takes place Sunday, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Alameda Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave.Cost is $12 per person at the door.

There will be a bloodmobile in the parking lot. Register ahead at to give blood the day of the brunch and receive a generous discount on a meal.

If you love cats but can’t adopt, why not borrow one for a while? “Kitten season” at the shelter —when we receive literally hundreds of homeless kittens — is almost here. That means FAAS soon will be needing foster homes to help us raise the kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. It’s a great way to get a kitty fix!

FAAS will be holding a free kitten workshop on Saturday, March 12, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the shelter at 1590 Fortmann Way. Learn how to care for kittens of all ages, including bottle feeding. To attend, RSVP to

Wish List
When shopping on Amazon, there are a number of ways to help that can make a difference. Please visit: Type in “Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter” and it will take you to our recently updated wish list. While online, like FAAS on Facebook at


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