Shallow Waters Delves Deep

Eric J. Kos photo. Documentary director Jamie Longhi addresses the audience during the question-and-answer period following a screening of Longhi’s first film, Shallow Waters: The Public Death of Raymond Zack, at the Michaan Auction House Theater at Alameda Point.

Shallow Waters Delves Deep

At a screening of the documentary film Shallow Waters, The Public Death of Raymond Zack, last Sunday, Alamedans struggled with the import of a particularly unfortunate turn of events that resulted in the death of Alameda resident Raymond Zack in 2010. 

Zack succumbed to hypothermia after several hours in the bay waters off Shore Line Drive near Willow Street. First responders, limited by budget and training restrictions, damaged water-rescue equipment and convoluted communications did not act to bring Zack back to shore in time to save him. 

Many civilians on the shoreline wanted to intervene and potentially rescue Zack, but police and fire personnel asked the public to stay out of the water as they had the situation under control. 

During the question-and-answer period following the documentary, Director Jamie Longhi led the audience in a discussion that resulted in the suggestion that Alameda might develop a Good Samaritan Law that would protect individuals trying to do right by others. 

Longhi addressed a nearly packed house at the Michaan Auction House Theater at Alameda Point. Media Alliance helped host the event and was the beneficiary of ticket proceeds. 

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