Sewer Project Underway

Dennis Evanosky  EBMUD pipes along Clement Avenue are part of a project to replace the Alameda Interceptor Pipe that manages the city’s wastewater.

Sewer Project Underway


Water company sliplining Alameda Interceptor Pipe for wastewater

Residents who have witnessed the arrival of 42-inch wide, 200-foot long pipes along Grand Street and Clement Avenue this week are seeing the beginning of an East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) project to slipline a major wastewater pipe called the Alameda Interceptor Pipe.

Sliplining has been used since the 1940s, and is used to repair leaks or restore structural stability to an existing pipeline. Sliplining is completed by installing a smaller, “carrier pipe” into a larger “host pipe,” grouting the annular space between the two pipes, and sealing the ends. The interceptor pipe is the lowest gravity pipe in the system, accepting wastewater from various sources and directing it to the main wastewater treatment plant in Oakland.

The project will impact Clement Avenue, Grand Street, Buena Vista Avenue and Constitution Way. In addition to sliplining 4,500 linear feet of pipe, the project will replace 17 manholes, demolish and replace one manhole and perform additional work on some 140 linear feet of pipe.

For questions or information regarding this project, contact Pam Hopkins of EBMUD at 287-1326.