Sewer Makeovers Set

Sewer Makeovers Set

The City of Alameda announced last week its annual sewer rehabilitation project will get underway beginning this month, with estimated completion by July 2020. Construction work hours are restricted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. near school locations, Monday through Friday. The work will consist of rehabilitating aging sewer mains, laterals and access holes on the following streets:

• Marina Village Parkway, between Mariner Square Drive and Mariner Square Loop
• Pacific Avenue, between Webster Street and Constitution Way
• Ninth Street, between Buena Vista and Pacific avenues
• Lincoln Avenue, between Eighth and St. Charles streets
• Bay Street, between Eagle and Pacific avenues
• Bay Street easement
• Grand Street, between Fortmann Way and its end 
• Clement Avenue, between Lafayette and Union streets
• Santa Clara Avenue, between Benton and Morton streets
• Santa Clara, between Lafayette and Paru streets
• Centennial Avenue, end to end
• Eighth at Robert W. Crown Memorial State Park
• Taylor Avenue at Eighth
• Post Street, between Otis Drive and San Jose Avenue
• Toyon Terrace, from Post to its end
• Adams Street, between Post and Peach streets
• Oyster Pond Road, between Robert Davey Jr. Drive and Basinside Way
• San Antonio Avenue, between Morton and Chestnut streets
• Lafayette, between Clinton and Alameda avenues

Residents on affected streets should receive notice approximately two weeks prior to the contractor beginning work in a particular area. The contractor will also provide advanced notice and will place

“No Parking” signs 72 hours in advance of when work will begin and parking restrictions will become effective.

Sewer and water service will not be interrupted. The contractor will work to keep one lane of traffic open at all times, but motorists and residents may experience minor disruptions in traffic, temporary loss of on-street parking, an increase in noise levels and dust during construction.

Questions or information regarding the project should be directed to Shilpa Patel at 747-7945. This project is funded by the Sewer Enterprise Fund.