Seventh Grader Founds Quarantine Chronicles

Seventh Grader Founds Quarantine Chronicles

Following the statewide school closures due to COVID-19, Gemma Jackson, a seventh-grade student at Alameda Community Learning Center, noticed a lack of positive news in the media. In response she launched The Quarantine Chronicles, an online newsletter for her school that includes student- and teacher-submitted works and positive news stories. 

Jackson was inspired by John Krasinski’s Some Good News, a YouTube show in which Krasinski shares good news stories and features special guests. Some Good News was started in late March, when the pandemic hit. 

Jackson got straight to work and asked her whole school, including staff members, to contribute work to her first issue, titled “Creativity in Crisis.” Contributors were asked to submit visual art that they had created during quarantine. The first issue of The Quarantine Chronicles was released on April 22. Jackson experienced some difficulty getting enough submissions at first, but upon release the publication was very well received! 

The Quarantine Chronicles will be released biweekly via email. Jackson puts the newsletter together using a drawing program called Ibis Paint, pastes the images onto a Google document, and sends it out as a pdf file.

Jackson’s goal is simple — she wants to brighten people’s days. There is very little to no mention of the pandemic in The Quarantine Chronicles, since Jackson knows that her fellow students hear enough about that from mainstream news. 

The main purpose of The Quarantine Chronicles is to distract people from the frightfulness of the pandemic, and it’s working! Jackson has gotten many messages from teachers and students thanking her for putting time into helping others be happy.

To order a copy, write to alameda