Seven Naughty Sins Visit Santa

The Seven Naughty Sins paid 
a visit to St. Nick,
They wanted to entice him, see which naughty sin he’d pick.
Greed pushed and shoved the others, was first to Santa’s lap.
Envy yanked her out, gave old Greed a little slap.
Pride was taking Selfies and didn’t give a snap,
Sloth was in a corner, curled up for a nap.
Gluttony slurped ice cream, 
guzzling beer on tap,
Wrath knew he could blow them up with just a single zap.
Lust caught Santa’s eye, winked and gushed, “My Gingersnap.”
Santa saw them all yet pictured presents yet to wrap.

The Sins had pulled on Santa’s strings, had been their sinful selves,
Santa had to make his choice, no help from wife nor elves. 
Eying Santa’s belly, Gluttony smiled ‘cause he was thinkin’,
“This is way too easy; Santa loves his food and drinkin’.”
He handed Santa ice cream 
cones — you know St. Nick was tempted —
But Santa put his hand up: “Stop!” thus naughtiness was pre-empted.
He pictured children of the world, those shining girls and boys
Who wake up Christmas day, their faces lit with joy.
He pictured all the reindeer, and presents in the sleigh
“I’d never disappoint them — it’s Santa time — hooray!”
I asked them to be good, not naughty, and I must be good, too,
On Christmas Eve I’ll ride my sleigh, yes, that’s what I will do!”


Cathy Dana is one of Alameda’s poets laureate.