Settlement Allows Resumption of Indoor Sports

Settlement Allows Resumption of Indoor Sports

Rafael Arredondo

On March 4, indoor athletes in California scored a win when the courts settled a lawsuit brought by two football players in San Diego. The settlement allows for youth indoor sports to play as long as each county’s COVID case rate is less than 14 cases per 100,000 people. Basketball, volleyball, badminton and wrestling are now allowed to start playing indoors as long they follow the same COVID guidelines as outdoor athletes. Most Encinal athletes were excited for the news.

“I’m feeling very excited that there’s hope for men’s volleyball getting a season this year because we had only gotten one game last year,” said senior volleyball player Lorenzo Verduzco-Ramirez.

Some players are ready to show up to practice when called upon.

“I feel really excited and I am ready for my coach to tell us when we are going to have our first practice,” said senior basketball player Sonia Randall.

But the excitement to play indoors is offset by some reluctance.

“I’m worried about keeping up with school and playing volleyball at the same time considering this school year’s schedule of learning year long classes in a semester,” said junior Devin Hua, volleyball player. “But I’ll do my best.”

Safety is a priority for many coaches.

“I am excited to have a season and am happy for the opportunity for my players to get together,” said Encinal basketball coach Micahel Waller. “But I want to make sure we have a fully safe environment for players and coaches.”

CIF and league officials met last week to discuss the logistics of high school athletics. It is doubtful that fans will be able to attend sporting events.

Rafael Arredondo is the editor-in-chief of Horizon Publications at Encinal High School..