School Board Votes Suspends In-Class Instruction through Monday, June 8

School Board Votes Suspends In-Class Instruction through Monday, June 8

At a special public meeting held April  9, the Board of Education for the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) voted unanimously to extend the suspension of in-class instruction through the end of the 2019-20 school year. Distance learning opportunities will continue through Monday, June 8. 

“School is not over,” Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi said. “Our campuses are closed but our educators will continue to provide distance learning opportunities for students through June 8, and our district as a whole will continue to support our children, families, and community to the very best of our abilities.”

Over the last several weeks, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and  State Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond have issued guidance calling for schools to suspend in-class instruction through the end of the school year. In recognition of the impact that such a change could have on students, families, and educators in the district, AUSD scheduled a special board meeting this afternoon to incorporate public input and seek a board decision.

“We believe this is the best decision we can make to protect our students, families, school staff, and community while doing our part to minimize the impacts of a surge in serious cases over the next several weeks,” said Board President Mialisa Bonta. “The Bay Area has done a good job controlling the spread of COVID-19 so far; as a school district we are committed to working with other agencies to protect public safety.”

The district will provide information on graduation ceremonies and other celebrations, including those for AUSD seniors, in the near future. “My team is deeply aware that these rites of passage are important to marking the achievements of our youth,” Scuderi said. “Our hope is that it will be safe to hold graduation ceremonies in early August. In the meantime, we have a task force that is exploring creative and authentic ways to commemorate this milestone for our seniors at the end of the school year via virtual platforms.”

“As a parent myself, I know how challenging it is to manage distance learning while also juggling adult responsibilities,” Superintendent Pasquale Scuderi said. “But the threat to public health here is very clear.  I cannot emphasize enough how much effort we are putting into supporting our students academically and emotionally during this time. And while this isn’t school as usual, I do have faith that our students will come out of this disruption with new skills, new insights and new ways of connecting with their peers, their community and their education.”

More information about the district’s response to the current public health emergency is available on the AUSD coronavirus hub web page. Technical and social-emotional resources for families helping their students with distance learning opportunities is available on AUSD’s distance learning support page at