Save the Bay Says Vote ‘yes’ on A

Save the Bay has fought to protect open space and restore shoreline habitat for almost 60 years. But saving the bay requires more than protecting habitat and open space. We must strive to create resilient, ecologically sustainable and inclusive communities that protect and uplift people in need. 

Our region faces a deep housing crisis that has left an unprecedented number of people without shelter and access to basic health care. This threat is even more acute for seniors and those with mental and physical disabilities. But homelessness is not only an individual and public health crisis, it’s a crisis for the bay. 

Homeless encampments release toxic levels of trash, bacteria and chemicals into our creeks and the bay, threatening wildlife and degrading water quality. We need more services that help move homeless people off the streets and out of parks.

The proposed wellness center next to Crab Cove would make Alameda more sustainable and inclusive, and East Bay Regional Park District will soon make the adjacent property another welcome open space. Together these improvements embrace Alameda’s beautiful shoreline and help its most vulnerable residents. 

Measure A on the April 9 ballot will allow that vision to become reality, while Measure B would prevent the housing and community services Alameda needs. To protect our parks and waterways from pollution, and to help our neighbors, voters should support Measure A and oppose B. 

Allison Chan is the associate director for policy for Save the Bay.