Sand Castle, Sculpture Contest Winners Named

Courtesy ARPD The best in show sand castle by Team Awesomeness featured a moat and greenery.


For nearly half a century, Alamedans have enjoyed testing each other’s creativity using just the materials provided naturally at Crown Memorial Beach. The Alameda Recreation and Parks Department (ARPD) hosted the Sand Castle and Sand Sculpture Contest last Saturday for the 48th year and more than 530 people participated.

Best in Show
Best in show among the sand castles went to Team Awesomeness of Alameda and Oakland. Best in show among the sand sculptures went to Team Sullivan of Alameda for “The Dubs — Go Warriors!” 

Sand Castle Ribbon Winners

Ribbons for the best sand castles went to first place team Theo and Mandi of Alameda; second place team Jack, Jimmy and George of Alameda and third place team Calvin and Carol of Hayward in the 12 and Under Category. 
In the 13 and Under Category, Tony and the Arjonauts of Alameda took first place, Sandy, Fred, Ryan, Greg, James and Matt of Alameda earned second place honors and Calvin and Carol of Hayward came in third. 

The Family Category winners — all from Alameda — were: Team Awesomeness in first, the Given Family in second and the Knoll Family in third.  

Sand Sculpture Ribbon Winners

Ribbons for the best sand sculptures went to first-place team Jenifer, Chloe, Kat, Alyssa, Helen and Jane of Alameda for their sculpture “Warriors”; second-place team The Attack of Alameda for “Angler Fish”; third-place team Mackenzie, Xavia and Triston of San Leandro and Arizona for “Starfish” in the 12-and-Under Category. 

In the 13-and-Under Category, Brooke, Ian, Lea, Ben and Elijah of Alameda took first place for “Tarantula Spider”; Heidi, David and Leo of Alameda earned second place honors for “Sleeping Dog” and Kobe, Liv, Sebastian, Aitor, Coyt and Gigi of Alameda and Oakland of came in third with “Battleship.” 

The Family Category were: Team Sullivan of Alameda in first with “The Dubs — Go Warriors”, the Marshall Maniacs of Danville in second with “Butterfly” and the Sidhu Family of Alameda in third with “Pyramids.”

Overall 56 sand castles and 81 sand sculptures were created.   


Betty Young First place in the family category went to “Dubs — Go Warriors!” by Team Sullivan from Alameda.

JoanAnn Radu-Sinaiko contributed to this story.