Saint Joseph Notre Dame Students Visit Thailand

Courtesy photo St. Joseph Notre Dame students enjoyed a visit to Thailand over the Easter break.


During the Easter break, a group of Saint Joseph Notre Dame (SJND) students traveled to Thailand to study, explore and volunteer. SJND provides opportunities to do immersion experiences and field studies in a foreign country each year. Studies alternate between the science and social studies departments.  

Science Department Chair Kristina Taylor hosted this year’s trip with support from chaperones Jennifer Stein and Angelica Bailon.

The students celebrated Songkran, the Thai New Year’s festival, with the Thai people. During the three-day water festival, water and clay are placed on the people to renew their spirits. Everyone got drenched! They also visited the Camillian House, a Catholic orphanage and school for children with disabilities. The students brought supplies, donated money and worked with the local students of Thailand.

They also saw the Saiyoke Yai Waterfall and floated down the River Khwae. Before coming home the students visited Mae Taeng Valley and Elephant Nature Park. They fed sugar cane to the elephants and put mud on the creatures to help them keep cool. The elephants sprayed water on the students and gave them “hugs” with their trunks.