Sailors Race to Hawaii

Sailors Race to Hawaii


Several sailboat racing teams based in Alameda are competing in the Pacific Cup (Pac Cup) “Fun Race to Hawaii,” which kicked off last week.

The Pac Cup is a sailboat race that spans 2,070 miles. Participants start at Point Richmond and finish at the Kaneohe Yacht Club on the island of Oahu. There are eight racing competitions in the Pac Cup. The series began on July 11 — some races started after July 11 — and it usually takes teams 10 to 14 days to complete. 

Six racing teams with ties to Alameda are competing in four of the eight competitions. Team Cassiopeia is in third place out of seven teams in the HONA Division A race. They are part of the Pacific Cup Yacht Club (PCYC). Cassiopeia operates an Islander 36 sailboat. They have traveled 1,245 miles. 

Team Sierra, a joint venture between Encinal and Oakland yacht clubs, is in sixth place out of 11 teams in the Latitude 38 Cruising Division race. They have traveled 1,260 miles. They operate a Beneteau 423 boat. Team Alegria, a PCYC member, withdrew from the Latitude 38 race.

Team Avion is in ninth place out of 10 teams in the Weems & Plath Division B race. They have traveled 1,105 miles so far. Team Avion races a Bianca 414 and is a member of the Encinal Yacht Club (EYC).

Team Surprise is in fourth place out of nine teams in the Pasha Hawaii Orr Division D race. They are a member of the EYC. They have traveled 1,100 miles. Team Albion is in last place in the Pasha race. They have traveled 964 miles. The team is a joint venture between Royal Ocean Racing Club, EYC and Columbia Yacht Club. 

The “Fun Race to Hawaii” is a biennial race that started in 1980.