Ruby Bridges in Town for School Fundraiser

Courtesy photo

Civil rights icon Ruby Bridges will speak at the concert at Kofman Auditorium Jan. 24.

Many in the community believe that the issues surrounding fairness in education have been settled. Unfortunately, as many low-income students have experienced, universal access to educational benefits is still a goal not yet been attained.

The fifth-graders at Ruby Bridges Elementary School are well aware of the obstacles they face in being able to have the same opportunities as some of their contemporaries. In order to level the playing field class members will give a concert on Saturday, Jan. 24, at Kofman Auditorium, 2200 Central Ave.

During this annual benefit performance, now in its seventh year, students hope to raise enough money to fully subsidize the cost of attendance for the entire fifth grade class. They hope to raise $20,000, approximately $300 per student, so they all can attend a three-day education-centered camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. For many Ruby Bridges students, going to this camp will mark their first time traveling outside Alameda.

The range of performers will include: the fifth-graders themselves; a traditional Japanese drumming group, the Kaji Yama Taiko Drummers; a Hawaiian dance troupe; and premier vocal group, the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. The lineup reflects the student body’s diversity, as well as what they have in common.

The school’s namesake, Ruby Bridges, will attend the concert and speak to the audience. There will also be an opportunity for VIP ticket holders to share a photo opportunity with the civil rights icon.

General admissions tickets are $15; VIP tickets cost $30. Tickets are available at