Rotary Awards Scholarships

Courtesy photograph &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp  Rotary Scholarship winners take time for the camera. Pictured in the front row from left to right are Cammie Young, Madelyn LaFollette, Stephanie Sanchez and Corine Tan. In the back row from left to right are Junlin Chen, Jason Chen, Terry Chau and Harris Terovic

Rotary Awards Scholarships


On Tuesday, May 30, Alameda Rotary Club awarded $27,500 in scholarships at a celebration honoring the winners from all the Alameda high schools 

The academic winners with their current high schools and colleges they will attend this fall include: 

  • From Alameda High School: Jason Chen, UC Berkeley; Corine Tan, UCLA; Haris Terovic, UC Davis
  • From Alameda Science and Technology Institute: Terry Chau, UC Berkeley; Junlin Chen, UC Davis; Cammie Young, UC Berkeley
  • From Encinal High School: Robert Alexander, Rice University; Cindy Huynh, UC San Diego; Kaitlyn Le,  UC Berkeley; Elizabeth Onibokun, UCLA; Cody Yu, UC Berkeley; Tiffany Wong, Yale; 
  • From Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School: Madelyn LaFollette, University of San Francisco

Evelyn Ivy from Encinal High School, Taylar Mendez from Island High School and Stephanie Sanchez from Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School each won an art scholarship.