Resident Creates Coffee Table from Actual Coffee

Mike Rosati    Mike Muzio of Alameda puts his coffeetable made of coffee to good use — drinking coffee. The public can check it out at this Sunday’s Alameda Mini-Maker Faire.

Project on display this weekend at Mini-Maker Faire

To get in the spirit of Sunday’s Mini-Maker Faire, meet Alameda maker Mike Muzio. A maker is the kind of person who can take a simple concept and make it reality using readily available tools and materials. Muzio has completed many projects in his fabrication shop he calls The Muz Shop and documents his process on a Youtube channel.

Muzio’s most notable project to date has to be his coffee coffeetable, or coffeetable made entirely from coffee and the binding material, epoxy. In fact, Right This Minute found the video documenting the delicious piece of furniture fascinating enough to air an edited version of it on their TV show. 

“This place is starting to smell like a coffeehouse,” said Muzio in the video while mixing up a batch of coffee and epoxy.

The video shows the Island maker’s pains-taking process, including an error that caused him to start over. He clearly has professional experience and conveys good practices for working with various materials. The coffeetable legs use recycled, sifted coffee grounds, courtesy of The Local on Park Street. The tabletop includes unroasted, medium roast and dark roast beans providing a gradient of colors.

Meet Muzio and check out the coffee coffeetable at this Sunday’s Mini-Maker Faire, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 905 West Ranger Ave. The event celebrates people, like Muzio, who can make beautiful, professional, functional art pieces out of random materials like recycled coffee grounds.

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