Resident Begins Series of Comics

Alameda resident Mark E. Miller announced recently the release of “Donkey Sanctuary,” the first in a series of comics he conceived  while travelling in Ronda, Spain, in 2012. The comic books feature a team of animal superfriends drawn by Oakland-based illustrator Greta Aalborg-Volper.

The team, named Mis Animales, confronts humanity’s mistreatment of animals, with each issue focussing on a real-life public effort to protect a particular animal. The first story brings attention to the efforts of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, which provides a safe, healthy, environment for abused donkeys and a network to foster farms for other animals.

Aalborg-Volper works in illustration, painting and installation art. She received her degree from UC Santa Cruz. She works independently and collaboratively with the Cornsnake Collective, of which she is a founding member.

To purchase the duo’s first issue, “Donkey Sanctuary,” visit: