Rent Registry Now in Effect

Owners must list rentals with city

The City of Alameda’s Rent Program was established in 2016 when the City Council adopted an ordinance to stabilize rents and limit grounds for termination of tenancies. Last year, the Council adopted a new law that strengthened this program, including limiting rent increases for many rental properties to an annual general adjustment equal to 70 percent of the Consumer Price Index’s percentage yearly increase, 2.8 percent currently. It also requires landlords to submit a registration statement annually for all rental properties. 

The registry provides a platform for landlords to submit rental property information that meets these new requirements and helps ensure that rents being charged comply with the new ordinance. The registry requires landlords to provide the names of their tenants so the city may give tenants the opportunity to contest the information provided by landlords.

Program staff is extremely conscientious about guarding the privacy of tenant information. Per State law, tenant information in the registry is considered “confidential” and is exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act. Questions may be directed to

The deadline to register all rental properties in Alameda is Friday, March 20. For more information and resources about the rent registry, see