Registration Open Now for Little Leaguers

Registration Open Now for Little Leaguers

The Alameda Little League has opened registration for prospective players across all its divisions. 

Registration will remain open until the player evaluation period begins on Jan. 23, but registration feels will increase after the New Year. Also, teams might fill before the evaluation period so Alameda Little League asks players to sign up as soon as possible. 

Boys ranging in age from four to 12 are allowed to play in the league. Different divisions will accommodate children of different ages ranging from T-ball, to A, AA, AAA, majors and Intermediate divisions — registration for the intermediate division, which is for 13- to 16-year olds has closed. Coaches will match players in the right division based off age and skill level.

The player evaluation period will end on Jan. 31 — player evaluation will take place on Jan. 30 and 31 in case the Jan. 23 and 24 days are rained out. Then the draft period will start with the majors division holding the first draft on Feb. 2. The AAA division will hold their draft the next day. Practice will begin for these two divisions on Feb. 6. 

The draft process will begin for the AA division on Feb. 9 and for AAA on Feb. 10. Their practices will begin on Feb. 14. T-ball registration closes on Feb. 14. 
The season begins on March 13 for the four upper divisions, while the season begins for T-ball on March 20. The Alameda Little League closing ceremonies will take place on June 4.

To register your child visit and click on “press button to register.” When registering a child you must add them as a family member after logging in. To log into the registration system you may use your credentials from previous years. If your family is new to Little League you need to “Create an Account.” 

Once logged in you will be taken to “My Account” page. If no other family members appear on this page you need to add them by pressing the “Add New Member” button at the lower left hand corner of the page. Once added you can then proceed with registering by pressing the “Register” button next to the child’s name. Do not try to register yourself or you will be told that there are no divisions available. 

If you have any questions,