Registrar Will Complete Ballot Verification Dec. 6


The official November General Election results for Alameda County will be released on Thursday, Dec. 6, according to Alameda County Registrar of Voters Tim Dupuis. 

Dupuis estimates the final certification of the election results will be complete next Thursday, a full 30 days after the Nov. 6 election. Elections offices have 30 days to certify results. When the official tally comes in, candidates will be able to publicly claim victory or defeat in their political pursuits. Propositions and measures results will also be certified. 

Tallying votes has taken longer as the volume of mail-in ballots has increased from previous elections. A state law passed in 2015 requires counties to count mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day if they are received by Friday, Nov. 9. In the past, mail-in ballots had to be received on Election Day. Another challenge has been people dropping off their mail-in ballots at ballot stations the day of the election. 

“What we noticed is that a large number of people don’t vote early,” said Dupuis. “My office was surprised by how many people dropped off their ballots on Election Day.”

Because of this Dupuis estimates election officials had to count more than 300,000 votes after Election Day, more than half of the total votes.

Election officials also don’t just count mail-in ballots. Dupuis said there were several instances where mail-in ballots were filled out without signatures. Because ballots without signatures can’t be certified, Dupuis said his office would contact the potential voters to notify them of their errors. 

“We don’t want to disenfranchise anyone by not having their votes counted,” said Dupuis. “So we contact these voters by mail, phone or email and have them come in and sign their ballots.”

The unofficial final tally of the election results were released on Nov. 17. The Registrar’s office released 10 updates between Election Day and Nov. 17. Dupuis said his office is now in the final canvassing stage.

“We will collect one percent of all the votes and count them manually,” Dupuis said. “We try to match them with the machine tally and see how the numbers match up.” 

Of the 879,912 total registered voters in Alameda County about 66.73 percent or 587,146 casted a vote. Of those who voted 73.8 percent or 427,146 used a mail-in ballot to cast their vote.

Voters should not expect much change in the ballot from the latest election update, the unofficial final tally (“Counting of Votes Nears Completion, No Change,” Nov. 22). Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft has the lead by a wide margin over Mayor Trish Spencer in the race for Alameda mayor. John Knox White and Tony Daysog are poised to be added to the Council as they sit atop the Councilmember race. Jim Oddie is in third place and he will take Ashcraft’s seat if she wins the mayoral election. 

The rent control Measure K looks to be rejected by Alameda voters, while the park funding Measure FF will pass overwhelmingly. Sales tax Measure F also passed.

To see election results, visit the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website at