Registrar Still Counting Votes, Results Clearer



The Alameda Country Registrar of Voters released its latest vote count at 5 p.m. Nov. 15. There were still an estimated 9,000 ballots remaining to be counted as of Tuesday, Nov. 13. The registrar’s office appears to be counting about 1,000 ballots per day. New information has tended to widen the gap in most races as it has been released.

In the race for Alameda Mayor, Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft has a lead of 1,482 votes over her closest contender Mayor Trish Spencer. Ashcraft has 42.18 percent of the vote and Spencer, 37.21 percent. There were also 162 write-ins.

In the race for Council, John Knox White is the clear front runner with 25.93 percent of the vote. He has a 1,639-vote lead over Tony Daysog who earned 22.78 percent of the vote. Daysog has 1,817 more votes than the next closest candidate, Councilmember Jim Oddie who so far has tallied 19.29 percent of the vote. Behind Oddie by 538 votes, Robert Matz earned 18.25 percent of the vote. There were also 174 write-ins.

The school board race, Mia Bonta is the clear front runner with 35.51 percent of the vote. She enjoys a 4,224-vote lead over Gary Lym, who earned 26.28 percent of the vote. Lym has a 3,074-vote lead over Anne McKereghan who has 19.57 percent of the vote. There were also 187 write-ins.

In the race for the hospital board seat, Dennis Popalardo is well ahead of Mike McMahon with 69.10 percent of the vote. He is ahead of McMahon by 9,413 votes. There were also 258 write-ins.

In deciding on the sales tax Measure F, the “yes” votes have 61.32 percent of the vote and a 7,064-vote lead over the “no” votes.

In deciding on the rent control Measure K, the “no” votes have 60.70 percent of the vote and a 6,616-vote lead over the “yes” votes.

The park funding Measure FF passed overwhelmingly. The “yes” votes have 86.64 percent of the vote and a 178,636-vote lead over the “no” votes.

To see live election results, visit the Alameda County Registrar of Voters website at