Recent Election Result Moved Writer Deeply

Recent Election Result Moved Writer Deeply

Crab Cove neighbor elated wellness center moves ahead

I was moved to joyful tears as I saw the election results for Measure A come in and saw that Alameda reaffirmed the compassion in our slogan, “Everyone Belongs Here.” I am a close neighbor of the proposed wellness center for the homeless and, if anyone’s daily life will be affected by it, mine will. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

I believe that, by providing a beautiful place for our most vulnerable neighbors to recuperate, we will not only save lives, but turn them around. A new start is a beautiful chance that not everyone gets and I’m proud to live in a neighborhood that can offer that.

It is only by chance that I have a comfortable place to live, as I know many hard-working, responsible people who have become homeless or housing insecure through medical catastrophes. I am excited to meet the new residents and hope that construction goes quickly and that there will be opportunities for me to volunteer.

I am a teacher, now working as a tutor, and work with about 25 Alameda families. My students have demonstrated our city’s slogan by telling me that they wanted us to take care of our seniors and help the homeless. Several tried to think of how we could do more, in addition to the wellness center. I am extremely proud of them and overjoyed that they will have an example — right here in the neighborhood — of a way to help the most vulnerable.

In addition, this facility will create jobs for Alamedans and demand for restaurants and stores along Webster. In fact, there is a preference for hiring Alamedans, which has the side benefit of creating less traffic since people can live and work on the Island! In addition, at least 20 percent of all construction funds must be spent within Alameda.

Thank you, Alameda, for living out our city slogan. Thank you for understanding that when someone has fallen on hard times that they are still worthy of help, healing, and being included in our community. Thank you for living out your faith, compassion, love for your fellow humans, and kindness. I am honored to know many of you and honored to call Alameda, and this neighborhood, my home.