Recent Crime Roundup

Recent Crime Roundup

Four officers injured in squabble; Porch pirate nabbed

Four Alameda Police Department (APD) officers had to be treated for injuries after responding to a suspicious circumstance call in the early morning hours of Dec. 5.

APD received repeated calls around 2:15 a.m. from a male claiming to hear people following him. Upon arriving at the 2300 block of Buena Vista Avenue, officers approached a 40-year-old male and confirmed he was the person who made the repeated calls to APD.

During their interaction the man was “uncooperative and ran from the officers for unknown reasons” according to a message on the APD Facebook page. The man entered one of the patrol vehicles and tried to grab a loaded rifle from its mount. 

A struggle ensued between the man and officers in the vehicle. The officers deployed their tasers in an effort to subdue the man, according to the report. The officers were able to corral him, but due to his size and strength additional officers were needed to place the man in handcuffs. 

Several minutes later, the male went into medical distress for unknown reasons. Alameda Fire Department personnel were called to the scene to transport the apprehended male to a local hospital. “During the transport, the male suffered cardiac arrest, but he was revived,” according to the report. It is unknown if the man has been released from the hospital.

Four officers sustained injuries as a result of the ordeal with two officers sustaining serious injuries. Both officers were taken to a local hospital, but were later released.

Because the suspect needed medical attention he was released from custody, according to APD Public Information Officer Lt. Wayland Gee. “It is unknown if he’ll be charged,” said Gee. The matter is being investigated by the APD Violent Crimes Unit due to the officer injuries.

Package thief arrested
APD arrested a juvenile female on Dec. 6 for stealing several packages from the front porches of homes on Bay Farm Island.

APD received a complaint from a resident on the 0-100 block of Shamrock Lane that a package had been stolen from their front porch on Dec. 4. The victim had a security monitoring system at their home and it took a clear picture of the suspect. APD was able track down the suspect at her parents’ home in Alameda two days later. At the home officers discovered several stolen items in the garage, according to Gee. Gee said items vary in categories that include electronics.

The items were confiscated by police and brought to APD headquarters. Officers are having trouble returning the items to their rightful owners because the suspect removed the items from their packages and discarded the labels. 

Gee said if anyone on Bay Farm Island was expecting a package before Dec. 6, and did not receive it, they should notify APD.

The girl was charged with theft and later released to her parents. Because she is a juvenile her name is being withheld. 

To contact APD, call 337-8340.