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Courtesy photo.  A telltale sign of oak root fungus is a cluster of honey-colored mushrooms.

‘Tis the Season for Oak Root Fungus to Strike

Dec 20,2019

Alameda’s garden soil may be tops for cultivating and planting in, but it does have a significant drawback: it harbors oak root fungus Armillaria mellea. Do not confuse this with “sudden oak death” Phytopthora ramorum. 

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Tam Starita &nbsp&nbsp Pink checker bloom, orange poppies, deep purple blue witch, and yellow monkey flower and goldenrod welcome visitors to Gretchen Pivonka’s garden, part of this Sunday’s “Bringing Back the Natives” Garden Tour.

Garden Tour Scheduled for Sunday

May 02,2019

An expected 35 gardens and nurseries featuring plants native to California will be open this Sunday May 5, as part of the “Bringing Back the Natives” Garden Tour, including a few in Alameda.

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Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Local realtors gathered to reduce pollution along a stretch of Alameda’s coastline for Earth Day.

Realtors Stage Beach Cleanup Day

May 02,2019

Alameda Realtors braved the elements, including 20-mile-per-hour winds, to celebrate Earth Day by removing debris from a stretch of the Island’s shoreline. The Bay East Alameda Chapter clean-up squad included about a dozen Realtors, affiliate members and friends and family.

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