Real Estate Pros Donate to Alameda Classrooms

Courtesy photo    On Valentine’s Day at Maya Lin Elementary School, local Realtors presented their donation to Special Development Teacher Cory Spells. Left to right: Steve McAdam, Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) Vice President; Michele Macmartin, Alameda Inforum and Marketing Meeting (AIMM); Gina Adamson, Realtor; Vicki Sedlack, AEF Executive Director; Spells; Principal, Judy Goodwin; Leah Nishi, AIMM Chair and Joe LoParo, Bay East Alameda Chapter Vice Chair.

Teachers and students at three Alameda elementary schools have been adopted by local real estate professionals. Members of the Alameda INFORUM and Marketing Meeting (AIMM), a monthly meeting of real estate professionals, raised $1,000 for the Alameda Education Foundation (AEF) Adopt-A-Classroom program. The Bay East Association of Realtors Foundation (BEAR) contributed an additional $500 to the effort. 
Recently, a group of AIMM representatives presented checks to teachers at Ruby Bridges, Haight and Maya Lin elementary schools. 
Patrick Ignacio, 2018 AIMM Chair and member of BEAR spearheaded the fundraising. “100 percent of the money goes directly to the teachers,” he said. “That was key, we wanted to get the most effective use of every dollar we collected.”
Ignacio said their goal was to assist three classrooms. They not only met the goal but raised almost enough for a fourth. He said, “Each teacher was given a grant for classroom supplies, books, technology, anything and everything. One of the teachers was brand new to the school district and had to supply a bare classroom.”  


“I think Realtors and people affiliated with the industry really like to support schools and nonprofits like us who make our public schools stronger,” said Vicki Sedlack, AEF Executive Director.  
Adopt A Classroom has been supporting Alameda teachers for almost 20 years. Sedlack said all three of the teachers helped by the real estate community work with special-needs students. 
“These are the type of teachers who are unsung heroes and work with some of our most vulnerable kids,” Sedlack said. 
Gina Adamson, a Realtor from Alameda, pushed AIMM to adopt a classroom with special-needs students. Adamson has a daughter with a learning disability and has witnessed firsthand the time and effort teachers with special-needs students put in. She adopted an entire classroom herself. 
“The money went to a special ed teacher as I requested, and she can spend it on anything she wants,” Adamson said.


Courtesy photo    Local officials celebrated a donation to Haight Elementary School teacher Melissa Saunders recently.