Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

No questions too big or too small
Parents wonder about what to expect - when should their child begin to talk or walk? Parents wonder about behaviors – like tantrums and showing affection. And parents want to know what it takes to build a strong foundation in the early years. We are here to help by plugging you into a grid of resources – like age appropriate activities, parenting classes, and early intervention services that will support the well-being of your child.

Help Me Grow can answer your questions
We are here to answer all of your everyday questions about your children from birth to age 5. Science shows that the brain development being at the birth and in the early years a set of diverse skills and abilities are established making it an important time to track your child’s development. Follow the growth and development of your child with our free developmental screening to support their school readiness.

Help Me Grow has supported over 15,000 families in Alameda Country
We help families' well-being every day. All services are free and confidential. Our trained Care Coordinators will listen and follow your family’s lead. We support your parenting journey in building a stronger early learning foundation for your child. Our coordinators speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish, and we offer interpretation for other languages.

No-cost information referral helpline for babies you love.

Always free. Always confidential.

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