Published Fourth Graders to Hold Book Signing

Ryan Brazil--Ryan Brazil’s fourth-grade class hold up the book they published, Anti-Bias ABC’s

Published Fourth Graders to Hold Book Signing

The fourth-grade class at Love Elementary School will be holding a book reading/signing event at Books Inc. for the book they published as a class on Thursday, May 19.

The book is titled Anti-Bias ABC’s. Ryan Brazil, the fourth-grade teacher at Love Elementary, said the book is about acceptance and compassion. The book includes pictures and definitions that will teach readers to be more accepting of people’s differences.

“My kids are so excited about the book they created and being published authors,” said Brazil.

According to the book description, “this ABC book will take you on a journey of compassion and empathy. From Gender Identity to Upstander, this alphabet book will teach you about the importance of words and how much they matter.”

The book is out now and available at Books Inc., Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes and Nobles, and many other retailers. The book signing/reading event begins at 2 p.m. Books Inc. Is located at 1344 Park St. Love Elementary is located at 2025 Santa Clara Ave.

For more information, visit or call 510-522-2226.