Protecting Fentanyl in San Francisco

Protecting Fentanyl in San Francisco

KRON reporting, on Tuesday, March 7, assuaged concerns that San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy would be compromised.

City Supervisors voted against one maverick supervisor’s proposal to add fentanyl crimes to the list of reasons to arrest undocumented immigrants. Apparently, there are 50 items on the list of morally offensive crimes that can get a San Francisco undocumented immigrant identified to Federal immigration authorities; the supervisors want to keep it that way. Except for rogue Supervisor Matt Dorsey, every supervisor voted against allowing San Francisco police to target undocumented immigrants who are linked to dealing fentanyl.

Cool heads prevailed and many spectators in attendance stepped up to the mic to speak out against targeting fentanyl dealers. Oddly enough, some KRON viewers mistook the supervisors’ meeting for a Saturday Night Live skit, as they witnessed San Francisco supervisors voting against adding fentanyl distribution to the list of crimes that would allow for an undocumented immigrant to be deported (oops, returned home).

To retreat, the word "deported" is insensitive and has no place in polite society. What Matt Dorsey meant to say is "repatriated" or "reconnected to his or her homeland." Matt Dorsey is one of those rare, honest politicians who doesn’t stop to think before he speaks and ends up saying what he’s thinking.

“Deported” is the linguistic equivalent of “booted out of the country” or as the French would say, “Persona non-Gratis.”

In San Francisco, an apprehended fentanyl dealer faces a couple of options, “the catch and release program” or languishing in prison at taxpayers’ expense with indoor living, three squares a day, and free medical and dental coverage.

If shielding fentanyl salespeople from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raises anyone’s hackles, might we suggest deportation (oops, reassignment) to law and order, Judge Roy Bean, states like Texas or New England.

Soliciting federal funding to shore up profligate deficits should not translate into collaborating with the feds nor ICE. Supervisor Matt Dorsey claims he wanted to add fentanyl crimes to the list of offenses worthy of deportation (oops, repatriation), saying it will make people feel safer.

Sorry Matt, but I don’t think it would make fentanyl distributers feel safer.

As Supervisor Hillary Ronen presciently pointed out, “Even if you think it’s a narrow exception, you’re going to trigger fear of police, fear of deportation, fear of tearing families apart and sending them (fentanyl dealers) to countries where their lives could be at risk.”

Ronen makes an excellent point.

Are we so heartless that we would want our undocumented fentanyl dealers to be haunted by a "fear of police" or a "fear of deportation?"

Fentanyl use is in fact “tearing families apart” because it is an epidemic credited with killing 100,000 U.S. citizens all of who come from families. Last year there were 638 deaths from drug overdoses in San Francisco. Given that fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin, 2 milligrams can kill, the majority of the 638 overdose deaths were fentanyl related.

If we understand San Francisco Supervisors correctly, fentanyl dealers must remain immune to deportation (oops, repatriation) because "their lives could be at risk" if a merciless city repatriates dealers to their homeland.