Program Strives to Enrich Students

Courtesy photo &nbsp&nbsp Students at Paden Elementary School enjoy the benefits that Alameda Arts brings. These include quiet places to read and do homework, academic support, structured outdoor play, as well as open art lab and free play.

Program Strives to Enrich Students


Alameda Arts works with the Alameda Unified School District to bring its programs to the city’s public school community. The program that caters to working families runs from the first day of school to the last, Monday through Friday following the school calendar.

Hazel Seiden and Kate Meade bill themselves as “fun-loving moms” on their website. They teamed up to form Alameda Arts as an after-school arts enrichment program where they can share their love of art and passion for crafts.

“We appreciate the need for affordable, accessible elementary arts education in Alameda,” Seiden said. 

“Hazel and I see inherent creativity in each and every child,” Meade said. “We work hard to inspire and support this creativity by offering our students access to rich and varied mediums and activities. Everything we do is focused on the child’s well-being.” 

Seiden, who hails from upstate New York, has lived in Alameda for 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University. She focused on Elementary Education during her studies.

Meade, who comes from the Palo Verdes Peninsula, began Alameda Arts at Paden Elementary School five years ago. She brought her enthusiasm for art into Paden’s classrooms. She strives to instill her longtime love of singing and theater into her students. She has lived in Alameda for 18 years. 

Alameda Arts offers programs at Frank Otis, Paden and Maya Lin elementary schools, as well as at the Nea Community Learning Center. “We encourage all children to explore and discover their own creativity,” Seiden said. “For example Room 9 at Paden bustles with energy, explodes in art and holds a special place at the school.”

“Our program at Paden has grown to capacity and is now expanding to bring in more varied enrichment,” Meade said. “We offer quiet places to read and do homework, academic support and structured outdoor play. We also have an open art lab and free play.”

“We provide wholesome snacks along with a healthy dose of fresh air at all our locations,” Seiden said. “We keep the kids busy with art projects and creative play.”

Alameda Arts programs also offer a summer camp and “the ultimate fun road trip,” Camps on the Road. Learn more about Alameda Arts at