Program Helps with Disabilities

Program Helps with Disabilities


The Center for Independent Living (CIL), a non-profit organization that focuses on the independence of people with disabilities through peer mentoring, assistive technology and community integration has announced a new program called “Victims of Crime.” 

CIL focuses on individuals with disabilities and helps them identify and get in touch with services and resources applicable to their situations. Being victimized by crime can take a toll on anyone, especially for those with disabilities. A current effort of the program is to identify as many people as possible who either had a pre-existing disability and have been a victim of crime, or who have received a disability as a result of a crime.

Alameda residents with disabilities who have been the victim of a crime can visit the CIL office at 2490 Mariner Square Loop, Suite 210. They can meet with a coordinator to assess needs and receive information and referral services in house, free of charge. CIL will help facilitate legal representation and provide a bridge between people, services and resources. Peer counseling and other programs are also available.

For more information on the Victims of Crime program, contact Munya Mahiya, CIL peer counselor and outreach specialist, at 841-4776, Ext. 3192, or

To learn more about all CIL has to offer, including advocacy training, independent living skills instruction, personal assistance service referrals, housing assistance and more, see