Pro Wrestlers Battle it out at Hornet’s Nest

Mike Lano  Professional wrestler Bobby Lashley applies a chokehold to J.R. Kratos in a Stars of Wrestling promotion held last weekend at Alameda High School.

Pro Wrestlers Battle it out at Hornet’s Nest


Alameda High School played host to several prominent professional wrestlers and their fans at the “Stars of Wrestling” (SofW) promotion last Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Hornet’s Nest gym. 

The raucous crowd of more than 300 people, many of them children, were entertained by several renowned athletes including former World Wrestling Entertainment wrestlers Ezekiel Jackson and Carlito Colon and mixed martial arts athlete Bobby Lashley. Other wrestlers on the card included Icebox, Tony “Fury” Hernandez, JR Kratos and the Boogieman.

Lashley won the main event match against Kratos. A big highlight was California’s very first Bootcamp, anything-goes women’s title match between Shotzi Blackhart (a Filipina-American who dyes her hair bright green) and champ Beatrice “The Panther” Domino. Blackhart pinned Domino for the win to become SofW’s women’s champ. 

They fought inside and outside Alameda’s gym with the crowd getting out of their seats and following them wherever they went. 

Alameda’s Jardi Franz retained his SofW Cruiserweight Title beating San Francisco-based Golden Gate Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Boyce Legrand and told the crowd post-match “never give up on your dream, even if you’re competing against someone much larger than you are!”

The event was promoted by Icebox, real name Robert Smith, who also runs security at Oracle Arena, and Tony “Fury” Hernandez, with the help from both Alameda High and a local religious charity.