Priests Get Edgy In Tear Drops Of God

Tear Drops of God

The fictional Father Frederick "Freddie" Monahan may have gone down with the Titanic in 1912, but he’s back in angelic form in 2015.He’s raising holy heretical hell in Frederick Donne’s provocative book Tear Drops Of God.

Whether he’s saving a lovesick, beautiful young nun from depression, mending a priest’s relationship with a gay lover, or lecturing the Pope on a woman’s right to choose, Father Freddie and his magic talisman — an emerald bejeweled cross — go where most angels fear to tread. (Assuming the angels are conservative Catholics). Happily, after several edgy tales of emotional upheaval caused by Catholic angst, a reader finds that where Father Freddie treads becomes harmonious, holy ground. (Or unholy ground for conservative Catholics.)

The miracle-working but heretical Father Freddie is a spiritual alter-ego of former Alamedan and first-time author Frederick Donne, also known as The Wandering Monk.

Donne wandered from Alameda to the idyllic rain forests of upper Puna on the big island of Hawaii, after a search for a place to practice his monk-like artisanal, quiet and contemplative lifestyle.

A monastic full-time mystic, Donne created his heretical Father Freddie character from his disgust with the Catholic Church’s doctrine concerning the celibacy of its clerics. He also felt outrage over the church’s constant meddling in the personal lives of its constituents, instead of addressing their spiritual needs. In the book, Donne lets Father Freddie lambaste the Pope about those issues in a memorable chapter called "A Walk In The Garden."

Donne also takes jabs at religions’ hypocritical attitudes towards gays by including stories about gay priests and their lovers. He includes a funny story about a gay couple’s hysterical kerfuffle with an orthodox and very homophobic Jewish mother, called "I’m Gay, Mother, Get Over It"

Much of Donne’s anti-religious and pro-spirituality leanings stem from his own disappointment with the Lutheran church, which he left at an early age when it failed to answer his questions about God and suffering. After leaving the Lutherans, Donne’s undeniable spiritual yearnings led him to the Infinite Way writings of legendary Christian mystic and New Thought author Joel S. Goldsmith,Donne immersed himself in Goldsmith’s work, reading all 55 of his books,

and became an Infinite Way teacher and practitioner.

Some of the most memorable passages in Tear Drops Of God are its sermons on mystical spirituality, gleaned from Donne’s 60 years of Infinite Way practice.

All students of metaphysics and mysticism — and Catholics — will find the messages in Tear Drops Of God invaluable sources of spiritual truth and practical wisdom, all delivered by Donne’s deft literary touch and captivating ways with vivid imagery, dramatic, compelling scenarios and lively dialogue.

Tear Drops Of God is proof that when a street-wise, heretical Catholic priest takes a trip on the Infinite Way, a reader is in for one hell of a ride.

Tear Drops Of God, by Frederick Donne, is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook.

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