Power Outage Affects West End’s Weekend

Power Outage Affects West End’s Weekend

Thousands of Alameda residents were left without power for a few hours Sunday, Oct. 20, after a utility pole on Eagle Avenue was damaged. The power outage began at 9 a.m., according to reports. It affected about 2,700 residents on the city’s West End. 

According to Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) Senior Communication Specialist Kathleen Haley, the outage was due to a utility pole cross arm catching on fire. A cross arm is the cross section atop a power pole that attaches powerlines from one pole to another. The fire left a section of the cross arm, located on the 1000 block of Eagle Avenue near the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park, permanently burned.  

“The cause of the fire is still under investigation,” said Haley.

Haley said AMP’s 24/7 control group noticed a disruption in the area and sent a crew to investigate the pole. They were at the scene within minutes. As the fire broke out, an emergency AMP crew worked on the damaged section of the utility pole. Fire officials from the Alameda Fire Department were also on hand to provide assistance. 

AMP crew members replaced the cross arm, according to Haley. The utility pole itself did not needed to be replaced. Power was restored to most of the affected homes by 10:30 a.m., according to AMP. Final repairs were completed at 6 p.m., restoring power to the remaining 107 customers.

AMP Statement on Public Safety Power Shutoff
AMP does not expect the public safety power shutoff, issued for yesterday in the East Bay hills and other parts of Northern California, to impact the Alameda, according to a press realease. This specific power shutoff has been issued because of possible high winds in the East Bay hills that could trigger fires. There have been no warnings issued for the transmission lines that feed Alameda.

AMP will continue to monitor the situation closely, but does not expect any impact to the city at this time.

AMP does not expect impacts to the city at this time, it is asking residents to be prepared for a shutoff or an extreme weather event just in case.