Powell Convicted of Local Teens’ Murders

Powell Convicted of Local Teens’ Murders


An Oakland man was convicted in Alameda County Superior Court on Thursday, May 12, for the murders of two Alameda natives almost three years ago.

Diantay Powell, 21, was convicted of second-degree murder for then 16-year-old Bobbie Sartain and first-degree murder for then 15-year-old Raquel Gerstel. 

The two girls were involved in relationships with Powell and Powell’s friend Antonio Edwards, who was also at the scene of the shooting. The four, along with another man, were in a parked car along Minna Avenue in Oakland at 5 a.m. on Nov. 25. Powell received a call from his girlfriend. After talking to his girlfriend, he demanded the girls  get out of the car. When the girls refused an argument ensued, according to testimony from the third male, Quincy Carter.

Carter said Powell pulled Sartain out of the car, a struggle ensued, she slapped him and he later threw her to the ground. Gerstel tried to defend her friend, but then Powell grabbed his 9mm Beretta and shot Gerstel at close range. Sartain tried to run, but Powell caught up to her. Sartain begged Powell not to shoot her saying repeatedly, “I won’t tell anybody,” according to prosecutor Melissa Dooher. Powell shot her 13 times anyway.

Powell’s sentencing is scheduled for July 29. He is expected to be sentenced to life without parole.