Police Standoff Leads to Park Ave. Evacuations

An Alameda man was detained for psychiatric evaluation after a standoff with Alameda police that lasted several hours and led to home evacuations Sunday, May 17.

Alameda police officers were dispatched to the 1300 block of Park Avenue after the detainee’s family members called police because the man appeared distraught. According to a police report, family members believed the resident had consumed several prescription pills after getting into an argument with an unknown person. He later locked himself in his truck, which was parked in the driveway on the side of the residence.

When police arrived they found the man barricaded in his truck and decided to evacuate the respondents from the detainee’s home. Because the driveway is connected to two houses, the officers also evacuated the neighboring home.

"It was prudent to get them out of the home," said Alameda Police Department Lt. Jill Ottaviano.

The officers evacuated five people in all from the two homes. Officers would not say how many people from which homes. After the homes were evacuated, officers began to talk the man out of his vehicle.

"One officer began to talk to him," said Ottaviano. "Then a second officer came and took over."

After a conversation that lasted several hours, officers were ultimately able to talk the man out of his vehicle shortly after 9 p.m. Residents were then cleared to re-enter their homes.

Officers stated that the man did not have any weapon in his possession. He was taken to a hospital for a 72-hour evaluation, police said. No criminal charges were filed.