Police Seize Cache of Guns on Central

Alameda Police Department &nbsp&nbsp  Police officers recently collected a weapon cache including these assault rifles and the magazines below at a residence on the 700 block of Central Avenue.

Police Seize Cache of Guns on Central

The Alameda Police Department (APD) reported that its officers seized weapons, magazines and ammunition from a resident following a disturbance on Monday, March 5, on the 700 block of Central Avenue. Officers responded to a call about an individual suffering an “episode.” They were already familiar with the individual. 

Officers deescalated the situation with their Crisis Intervention Team training. All APD officers who interact with the public have received this training. According to APD, the officers involved determined that they were dealing with a mental-health issue and were successful in getting the resident the required help.

The officers then did a safety sweep and discovered the weapons cache. APD obtained a search warrant from a judge. When it was served, the officers served the warrant and “collected (the cache) for safe keeping.”

The California Department of Justice reviews cases involving firearms that law enforcement agencies collect for safe keeping. If the department decides that the law enforcement agencies should return the weapons, it issues gun-release letters. 

These letters instruct the agencies to return the weapons to their owners. If APD receives such a letter in this case, it will release the items seized back to the registered owner, APD stated in its release.