Police Provide 2017 Crime Report to Council

Alameda Police Department &nbsp&nbsp Alameda Police Department Officer Vanessa Dubon stands at the ready with her Police Service Dog Argo — a German Shepard from Slovakia. Dubon and Argo have worked together for more than four years. They are certified for both patrol tactics and narcotic detection.

Police Provide 2017 Crime Report to Council

Reports of crime in Alameda rose in 2017 compared to 2016, according to the Alameda Police Department’s (APD) annual crime update report.

There were 5,075 crimes reported in 2017, compared to 4,514 crime reports in 2016. In fact, 2017 had the most crimes reported in Alameda this decade. 

There was a significant increase in reported crimes labeled serious offenses or Part 1 reports as well. There were 2,188 Part 1 offenses in 2016. That number jumped to 2,625 in 2017. Part 1 offenses include robbery, rape, assault, petty theft, burglary, grand theft, auto theft and more. All other crimes are labeled Part 2 offenses. This includes vandalism, forgery, DUI, trespassing and more.

According to the reports petty and grand thefts are the cause for the increase in Part 1 offenses. There were 681 grand thefts reported in 2017, compared to 544 in 2016. Even more significant there were 1,044 petty thefts reported in 2017, compared to 807 in 2016. 

The report also identifies the crime rates in different sectors of the city. Sector three, which spans from Willow Street to the Bay Farm Island Bridge, received the most reported crime. This sector received 2,032 crime reports, of which 1,088 were Part 1 offenses. The second-most reports came from Sector 1, which describes the area between Main and Eighth streets. This sector received 1,253 crime reports, of which 632 were Part 1 offenses. The next was Sector 2 (1,072 total, 577 Part 1) between Eighth and Willow streets; Sector 4 (466 total, 236 Part 1) which spans Bay Farm Island; and Sector 5 (228 total, 88 Part 1) which spans Alameda Point.

Last year saw the most reported crime in Alameda since 2009 when there were 5,557 reported offenses. One reason for the increase in crime is population growth in the city. According to the U.S. Census, Alameda saw an increase in residents from 73,812 in 2010 to 78,906 in 2016.  

In its report, APD included steps the department is taking to combat the increase in crime. They have transferred three detectives into patrol units. They increased probation and parole searches of known criminals and introduced the Sharing Electronic Evidence program. Finally, they are trying to repair the department’s automated license plate readers.

APD will give a presentation of the annual crime update report to City Council at its next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6.