Police Confront Sideshow at the Point

Photo by Richard Bangert Alameda Police speak to drivers who apparently were driving recklessly (below) in the shadow of the USS Keystone State at Alameda Point last Saturday.

Police Confront Sideshow at the Point

An illegal “sideshow” took place last Saturday on the west side of Alameda Point’s Seaplane Lagoon, which is fast becoming the site of frequent sideshow activity. Tugboats were maneuvering the Maritime Ready Reserve Ship Keystone State as drivers spun out nearby.    
Alameda Police Department (APD) officers spoke to the sideshow participants as seen in the picture above. APD filed no report related to the incident pictured here. Apparently APD did nothing but speak to the participants at the Point, an attractive piece of information for the sideshow participants and onlookers who trashed an Oakland intersection last Saturday.

Early Sunday morning Oakland police towed more than 30 cars issued 147 citations to sideshow drivers and onlookers at the intersection of High Street and Foothill Boulevard, just 1.1 miles from Alameda. According to police, spectators and participants broke windows of surrounding businesses and threw bottles at officers. 

In the early morning hours of Jan. 28, sideshow participants struck and injured a policeman in Richmond. Later that day police arrested a Pittsburg man suspected of shining a laser at and striking a California Highway Patrol helicopter at a sideshow in Oakland. 

Photo by Richard Bangert