Pledge to ‘Get Around Safe’

City of Alameda &nbsp&nbsp Slow Streets Alameda encourages safe transit by prohibiting motor vehicle through-traffic on some corridors. This opens more space for people to walk and bike.

Pledge to ‘Get Around Safe’

The City of Alameda has released its COVID-19 “Get Around Safe” pledge that encourages pledge-takers to drive, bike, walk, and take transit safely during the coronavirus pandemic.  The pledge responds to how the pandemic is changing how people get around, which adds potential dangers to everyday movements.

COVID-19 has changed motor-vehicle traffic patterns in unpredictable ways at the same time that more people are walking and biking for fresh air, exercise, and transportation. To ensure physical distancing, people walking sometimes need to step into the street. Riding transit also looks different now, with additional safety precautions and reduced service.

By signing the pledge, residents promise to drive cautiously and within the speed limit; wear masks when walking and biking; and follow guidelines on public transit. 

Add yourself to a public list of pledge-takers and when available, we will mail you an “Alameda Safe Driver” window slick.

To take the pledge or learn more,