Planning Board Approves More Homes at Landing

Planning Board Approves More Homes at Landing


At its June 12 meeting, the Planning Board approved an amendment to Catellus Development Corporation’s plan at Alameda Landing. If approved by the City Council, the amendment would allow a total of  700 housing units at the Landing. 

The Planning Board endorsed the proposal, which would add some 300 to 400 homes to those already  in the mix by a 6 to 1 vote. Board  member Ronald Curtis cast the lone dissenting vote. Curtis said that he could not support the plan, citing the traffic increase it would bring.

The development in question comprises 39 of the 215 acres transferred from the Navy to the City. Catellus would section off 17 acres for maritime and commercial use with 6,700 square feet designated for office space, 364,000 square feet for maritime commercial and warehouse space and 296,000 square feet for shopping-center and retail space.

The 700 total housing units  include those already built at the Landing and those currently under construction. The Master Plan amendment allows any future home builder to determine the appropriate mix of housing types that include single-family homes, townhomes and apartments. The amendment ensures that the total number and mix of units would not exceed the 700-home threshhold and would not include more than 30 percent single-family detached homes. 

A public waterfront park would  account for 4.5 acres, according to the memorandum from assistant community development director Andrew Thomas. This park would include a water shuttle with service to Jack London Square in Oakland and a kayak launch at the foot of Fifth Street.

The remaining acreage would be designated for the West Edge Greenway. This greenway would serve as a barrier between the commercial and residential areas and the Mitchell Avenue Greenway that would divide the residential and Tri-Pointe areas.

The plan meets the requirements for the city’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance. At least 10 percent of the market-rate units would measure 1,200 square feet, making them more affordable for middle-income households. 

In addition, at least 15 percent of the units would be universally designed, consistent with the conditions imposed on the most recently approved townhome and single-family detached developments at Marina Shores and 2100 Clement Ave.

The plan went through several revisions before the Planning Board approved it last Monday. The City and the developer originally entered into an agreement in 2000. Under that plan, Catellus proposed building 586 homes with 1.3 million square feet of business and office space. However, Catellus wanted to build more homes along the waterfront. 

Then came the 2006 plan that proposed just 300 residential units, a health club, 390,000 square feet of office space and no maritime commercial space. However, the city wanted to include that commercial space. 

The project was put on hold between 2007 and 2010, but picked back up in 2012. 

The Planning Board and Catellus went through years of back-and-forth negotiating. The Board’s main qualms were the amount of space sectioned off for commercial uses. 

However, earlier this year, Catellus worked with Bay Ship and Yacht to develop a maritime commercial and residential mixed-use plan for the site. 

This would make 1,555 feet of existing concrete wharf available for expansion of Bay Ship and Yacht and its tenants. To help matters, the Master Plan amendment relieves the maritime commercial portion of the property from the obligation to provide waterfront public open space in front of the maritime commercial warehouses and view corridors through the property to the water.  

The City Council is scheduled to vote on the plan next month.