Plan Revealed for Pacific, Webster

Google Earth  A three-story 14,300-square-foot building is planned for this vacant lot next door to Otaez Restaurant on Webster Street.

Plan Revealed for Pacific, Webster


Architect Daniel Hoy is scheduled to appear before the Planning Board next Monday, representing property owners Sam and Michelle Koka. According to a report City Planner Henry Dong submitted the last time the Koka’s project was before the board in November 2016, they propose to build an approximately 14,300-square-foot, three-story, mixed-use building on the southwest corner of Webster Street and Pacific Avenue. 

The building would occupy the vacant portion of the lot between the Otaez Restaurant at 1619 Webster St. and Pacific Avenue. Sam Koka has operated SK Auto on a portion of the site since 1992. He would continue to operate his 1,700-square-foot auto repair shop at the existing location.

According to Dong’s report, the now-vacant site housed a Unocal gas station from about 1950 to 1996. Two years after the station closed, the underground tanks were removed from the site and soil remediation undertaken.

When this project came before the Planning Board last November, Board Member Lorre Zuppan pointed out that the building fit the neighborhood, but that it looked flat, and she would like to see more depth with the windows and maybe different colors. 

At the same meeting Board Member David Burton said he would provide a list of concerns that might be an issue with the building code. He said at the time that he would like to see more details, including a color and materials board before approving the design. Board Member Sandy Sullivan expressed her concern about the lack of parking. Zuppan agreed and said that the project must provide adequate parking in case the use changes. 

The project locates parking, landscaping and bike lockers behind the building, as well as two bike racks on the sidewalk along Webster Street. According to Dong’s report the project does not meet the parking requirements of 24 off-street parking spaces, falling seven short at 17 parking spaces.  

The board voted to continue the item in November so that these, and other concerns, could be met. 

If approved, the new building would house approximately 5,000 square feet of ground floor retail. Some 9,300 square feet of senior housing on the second and third floors would include 12 rooms for seniors with a mix of one or two beds, with up to 16 total beds.

Each room would contain a full bathroom, closets, one or two beds, counter space suitable for a small sink with a side board, cabinets and a personal refrigerator. The third floor would include a full-service commercial kitchen, closets, one or two beds, communal dining and living room areas, a gymnasium, toilets with showers, manager’s quarters and office space.  

The Planning Board meets at 6 p.m., Monday, March 27, in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Ave. 

A public hearing concerning Encinal Terminals (ET) is also on the agenda. According to the city’s website, Tim Lewis Communities hopes to build as many as 589 housing units and dedicate up to 50,000 square feet for commercial uses and waterfront public parks at the ET site. 


City of Alameda If the plan is approved this mixed-use building would occupy the southwest intersection of Webster Street and Pacific Avenue.