Pinball Exhibition En Route to Germany

Kevin Tiell

The Bumper Box is one of the unique exhibits created by the Schiess brothers of Alameda to demonstrate scientific principles through pinball. This and several other exhibits will be displayed at a museum in Germany.

Alameda artists have contributed to an exhibition now heading to Germany for display at the Phaeno Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany. The Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) of Alameda will present several interactive science exhibits, playable pinball machines and large hand-painted reproductions of pinball art in a show starting Wednesday, May 13, in Wolfsburg.

The show’s centerpiece is the Visible Pinball Series by Alameda resident Michael Schiess and Wade Krause. Other exhibits show off the collaboration of Schiess with his brother, Christian, another Alameda resident. Both brothers have worked in exhibit design for many years, having produced exhibits for the Exploratorium and other museums.

Forming a backdrop for these exhibits will be pinball art murals by Alameda artists Ed Cassel, d’Arci Bruno and Eric J. Kos.

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