Pilot Grad Impresses in College

Conrad J. Branson &nbsp&nbsp SJND alum Cooper Teare finished eighth and was the top freshman at the Pac-12 Cross-Country Championships on Oct. 27 at the Springfield Golf Club in Springfield, Ore.

Pilot Grad Impresses in College


Alameda native Cooper Teare finished in the top 10 at the Pac-12 Cross-Country Men’s Championships on Oct. 27. 

The University of Oregon freshman finished eighth out of 81 participants in the 8K (4.97 miles) race. Teare had the home-field advantage as the race was held at Springfield Golf Club in Springfield, Ore. The St. Joseph Notre Dame (SJND) alum completed the distance with a time of 23:59.4. Teare was the fastest freshman to complete the trek. Teare finished less than 15 seconds behind Stanford University junior Grant Fisher (23:44.9) who had the fastest time overall. 

Andy Powell, the University of Oregon assistant cross country coach, said Teare “kicked it in on his last mile” after the race. Teare was the only Duck to finish in the top 20.

The two-time Div. V state cross-country champion received All Pac-12 Honors and was named the conference’s men’s cross country freshman of the year. Teare said the transition from cross country in high school to the University of Oregon has not been very difficult. He credited his coaches for his seamless transition to the college ranks. 
University of Oregon finished fourth out of the nine teams in the team result. Stanford University won the team competition.

Fellow SJND alum Kiera Marshall competed in the women’s competition on the same day. Marshall finished 44th out of 106 participants in the 6K (3.72 miles) race.

The University of Washington team member finished the distance in 20:08.3. The 2016 Div. V state cross-country champion was the sixth-fastest freshman in the event. 

 The Huskies finished fourth out of 11 teams in the team competition. University of Colorado won the team competition.