Phyllis Diller ‘Pops-Up’ in Alameda


On Sunday, Nov. 5, members of the Dames aux Gateaux and the Alameda Phyllis Diller Fan Club hosted a pop-up sale at Bridgehead Studio. “Phyllis Diller was a ground-breaking comedian known for her distinctive look, voice and persona,” said Dorinda von Stroheim. “We have mad respect for her and all that she was able to achieve in her lifetime. Our group hopes to emulate a bit of her in everything we do, including our pop-up sales.” Pictured from left to right are: Dottie Van Every, Caitlin MoneyPenny, Taggylee Mermis Bowers, Katie Gorman, Lulu Briggs, von Stroheim, Tanya Quinlan, Shona Mitchell, Karen Finlay and Stephanie Hamilton.